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“Coming on this trip allowed me to see a side to Thailand that I never knew - beyond the bright lights of Bangkok, the bustling night markets of Chiang Mai, the serene beaches of Pattaya .. lies the welcoming hearts of the Thai people. I received nothing short of the most overwhelming hospitality here in Phichit, a province that no one outside Thailand knows. In a completely foreign land, my host offered me help whenever I need it, and my students make me look forward to school every day."

— Levonne Goh, Year 1 Political Science Major  

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1: Is there any funding or subsidy for Global Entrepreneur?

ANSWER: Currently, there is no subsidy offered for the Global Volunteer programme by AIESEC. However, you may try to apply for government

or school grants here: 

Note: AIESEC and the acceptance into the GE programme doesn't guarantee you an external funding.


2: What is the coverage of the NUS Travel Insurance?

ANSWER: Please refer to this document on the summary of the policy cover prepared by Chubbs.

NUS Travel Insurance is free for all students. Including coverage for some personal travelling time before and after the project. However, coverage ends when you go back to home country (e.g. China).


3: How do I get the proof of travel/health insurance for my VISA application?

ANSWER: Fill in the declaration form found in the 2nd point here. Send it to the relevant Marsh Officers indicated at the bottom of the form. Include relevant documents i.e. Endorsement by IRO, Invitation letter etc.

Refer to points 11-13 in


4: What is the claims procedure for the NUS Travel Insurance?

ANSWER: Please refer to this document for the claims procedure.


5: The embassy requires proof that Global Volunteer is endorsed by NUS for visa application. How do I go about getting this proof?

ANSWER: Please refer to Point 12 of the i-Intern Application Guide.


6: What is the document to show that EPs have sufficient funds needed for visa application?

ANSWER: Bank Statement, you can either use your online bank statement or request from the bank (requires around $20). Or state that their parents will sponsor their trip, and use their parent’s bank statement.


7: My GV trip clashes with my National Reservist. How can I get the NS Deferment supporting letter?

ANSWER: No. However, we will try to assist you throughout the application, and find the relevant information. Also, not all internship opportunities require the student to apply for LoA.


8: Will AIESEC help me to apply for Leave of Absence (LOA) when required?​

ANSWER: No, Taiwan visa for Chinese citizens only last for 14 days.


9: What is LDA?

ANSWER: LDA is the leadership development assessment survey that has to be done before approving the acceptance of project for the EP.

Apply -> Accept (by EP) -> do LDA -> Approve (by us)




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