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QUESTION: Can I just join as a member without joining the Global Volunteer Program?

ANSWER: You will not be able to do so. As our Team Members (TMs) and Team Leaders (TLs) are the ones in charge of managing the Global Volunteer Program, it is important that our members go through the programme themselves. In AIESEC, we also believe that to develop entrepreneurs and responsible young leaders, they need to have a global perspective towards current affairs. Hence, becoming an AIESECer and the Global Volunteer Programme come as a package.


Note: However, members are allowed to switch over to the Global Talent program as well, but will need to raise a special request to the department in-charge (oGT) should they want to do so.

QUESTION: How much do I have to pay to join as an AIESECer?

ANSWER:​ There is no cost to join as an AIESECer. However, international conferences are self-funded.

QUESTION: What is the workload as an AIESECer (TM/TL)?

ANSWER: Depending on your role in your department, you are expected to work on average 5-10 hours per week. We believe in receiving more when you do more. Thus when you take up more opportunities, you also gain much more learning experiences.

QUESTION: I read on the website that AIESEC offers international experiences. How exactly does this work?

ANSWER: For TM/TL, a member of AIESEC has the exclusive opportunity to get to know and interact with other AIESECers in NTU, SMU and SIM. In addition, there are many international conference opportunities for our members to interact with like-minded youths around the world, thereby expanding their network.

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