Outgoing Global Volunteer (oGV)

oGV  is one of the largest department in charge of running the Global Volunteer programme. Every year, we send out more than 100 exchange participants all around the world, where they embark on a transformational experience to become more independent, open-minded in making life-long cross-cultural friendships, and making a social impact.  

Join us if you are interested in interacting and working with people, or simply, if you are keen on making an impact on the people around you.

Outgoing Global Talent (oGT)

oGT helps to facilitate the exchange of youths around the world through internship experiences and is in charge of matching NUS students to overseas internships under the Global Talent programme. In oGT, we advocate a supportive and encouraging team culture, where there is space to try and space to fail; and space to try again.

Join us if you love interacting and working with people for part of our everyday job is talking to our Exchange Participants and our foreign partners.


Incoming Global Talent (iGT)

iGT is a department in-charge of welcoming incoming exchange participants for local internships. As an iGT member, you work together with a team of dedicated people to engage companies and open up more internship positions in Singapore, as well as attract and support international talents to take up the positions. You will also be given the chance to do inter-division rotation.

Join us if you are looking for new skills, exciting experiences, challenges and fun!

Incoming Global Volunteer (iGV)

iGV works closely with social enterprises, start-ups, SMEs and NGOs to create exciting volunteering programs for youths across the globe. The flexible department structure enables members to experience a diverse range of skill sets including marketing , business development , communications, sales, event planning & program design to achieve maximum customer-centric outcomes for both our volunteers and volunteering organisations.


Brand & Marketing (B&M)

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In B&M, we are the warriors behind the branding of AIESEC in NUS to external partners and the marketing efforts for our programmes to the student body. You get to work together with a team of dedicated, creative and enthusiastic people to facilitate growth of our numbers and constantly collaborate with all the other functions. Not only will you gain rich experience in designing collaterals and tools like Photoshop and After Effects, you will also experience how a big organization manage its brand and coordinate marketing campaign!

Join us if you love creativity, freedom and opportunities to explore! 

Finance & External Relations (FIN&ER)

Fin&Er is a combined department comprising of dedicated members who are capable and have the inner drive to grow. This department is for the strong-willed, for those who want more than just a usual school life, and most importantly it is for those who wants a head start above their peers in preparation for the workforce. You will acquire both FIN related skills such as financial reporting, financial budgeting and ER related skills like Networking, professional email writing. 

Join us if you think you are detail oriented, hardworking and have the inner drive for self-improvement, FIN&ER is the right place for you!


Talent Management (TM)

The TM department helps to recruit new members, develop members to their fullest potential, monitor development progress and manage sessions and events. As a TM member, you play a pivotal role in ensuring members’ learning & development and setting the LC culture through internal communication and events.

Join us if you enjoy working with people to develop their full potential or are simply keen on planning and executing great events for members throughout the semester.

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