Global Volunteer is a 4-8 weeks program that allows you to volunteer in over 120 countries, including Poland, Mexico, Vietnam, Morocco, Turkey, Mauritius, Kazakhstan etc.)


  • Make a difference in the world.

  • Challenge yourself and discover the best version of you. 

  • Be ready to experience the culture with our local AIESEC members.


Teaching English (Budapest, Hungary)
Holding presentations and lectures about your culture, traditions, world and local level issues for 6-18 years old students in order to develop cross-cultural understanding among youth and create international atmosphere in everyday life

> Help the foreign language department to set the lectures more interactive
> Organizing free time events e.g. sports, games
> Creating awareness of different cultures.
>Develop English communication skills in students.
UnderStand (Krakow, Poland)
Design interactive workshops to increase the people appreciation of other cultures. Making events and taking care of people affected by poverty and raised in a bad environment.

> Main focuses are teaching English, overcoming the language barrier, showing different cultures and breaking stereotypes.
> Teaching English to children, teenagers and elderly people.
> Preparing language games for the participants and teaching content aligned to what the NGO needs.
Be An Impact (Perbal, Hungary)
Volunteering in a social institution to assist the development of disabled children and adults from several age groups.

> Playing with disabled children and adults
> Assisting in their tasks
> Taking part and helping in their everyday lives
> Organising programs
English for Schools (Cambodia)
Volunteer in
(Dolphin school of english or Seametrey Children's village)

>Global Village: Showcase own and learn about others' cultures

>City Tour before project starts
Youth Star (Cambodia)
Volunteer in the NGO "Youth Star."

> You will be with other local volunteer
> Global Village: Showcase own and learn about others' cultures
>City Tour before project starts
Aspara Project (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
NGO is in New Bridge Cambodia

>Global Village: Showcase own and learn about others' cultures
>City Tour before project starts"
Dream Beyond Language (Taiwan)
So what does an average day on Tainan actually look like? You can expect sharing your own culture to Taiwanese students, creating English learning environment/lessons with school teachers, teaching global issues to broaden children’s global vision and traveling through the local area with local stakeholders. The weekends you’ll have free to explore all that Tainan (and Taiwan) has to offer.
#MakeItThroughWildWater (Indonesia)
- Raise awareness for Malang's marine and forest
- Co-create a project with local officals and community
Bring the Happiness
This project aims to empower the orphans for pursuing the higher level of education. To develop the potential within the children and they can have a broader mindset about this world. We want to be able to challenge them to not underestimate themselves
English Teaching (Bangkok, Thailand)
- Create and teach english lessons and activities for children 7-18 years old
- Living the local life (stay and eat like a local)
- Transport from Accomodation to School covered
Forest Ranger (Miri, Malaysia)
Preserve Sarawak’s semi-natural forest in an urban landscape & protect the nesting habitat for the amazing Oriental Pied Hornbill
> Natural observant in Piasau Nature Reserve: learn 107 flora species & 75 fauna species
> Breeding Cavity Enhancement for Oriental Pied Hornbill
> Tree Planting- plant tree under ""Bring Back Rainforest Development Plan""
> Raise awareness in public about the endangered species through Awareness Campaign & Workshop on natural reserve"
Raise Monastic Education (Myanmar)
You are teaching the underprivileged students who have no access to basic education and who are working for their family incomes. Teaching English to the 14-20 years old students at Monastery in Yangon. The curriculum is supposed to be developed by yourself after meeting the students you need to teach at the monastery.
Eco-Myanmar (Myanmar)
Traveling around Myanmar and Conducting the workshops to the high schools or university students to raise the awareness of environmental issues.
Weekend: 8 hours per workshop - 1/2 days, plus small workshops in weekday
Hello Sayya (Myanmar)
Teaching English to the university students at a monastic Hospital in Myinmu, Upper Rural Area of Myanmar. You have a class with 20 youths (aged 14-20 yrs) working at the hospital. With 3 other EPs. 6 hours/day, 6 Days
Global Citizen Winter Camp (Vietnam)
You will work with the Hanoi Organizing Committee team and other foreign friends for building sessions, activities for the camp from Week 1 to Week 3. During the camp within Week 4 to Week 6, your role is as a facilitator who delivers sessions, be in charge in a team with 10 campers. In the last week, you will make a report of individual experience with AIESEC and a report with your camp team.
Global Passport (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Your role is as a teacher at English Communication classes in 6 weeks. Apart from designing English lessons with local volunteers, you will build activities related to Gender Equality topics & then deliver to the students with the view to improving their awareness on gender discrimination
Great English Education (Vietnam)
You will teach English to students living in the same house in different forms, ranging from traditional class to weekend trips, daily conversation, etc. You will also spend some time marketing online for the organization. 6 weeks within the period (flexible).
Vietnam 3D (HCMC, Vietnam)
Vietnam 3D - a promotion project aims to spirit up sustainable local tourism. It provides Local and Global youth chances to collaborate, discover SIGHTS and experience the CULTURE, then promote by practical ways. In this journey, you will join in promotion trainings, experience in Vung Tau while collecting materials and create social activites.
Global Navigator (HCMC, Vietnam)
Give support to Vietnamese youth especially university students who are unable to find and improve themselves without a course organized by dedicated voluntary foreigners . The course is not simply a traditional, yet a family-like one where students can express themselves and free their potentials.
Embrace Vietnam (HCMC, Vietnam)
This Project aims to bring English education and various cultures worldwide to the children through fun English classes and activities. One week in this project and you will already feel like a local, as well as the children’s Best Friend.
Green Farm (HCMC, Vietnam)
On 1st/15th of the month
Interns will become either a real farmer or tour guide in Green Noen Ecotourism. This project is a space and a chance for everyone to know more learn more about Vietnamese agriculture and also help them to develop it and introduce it to more international people who vitsit this farm.
MEDx (HCMC, Vietnam)
- Volunteer as a Project Manager at Vietnam Social Health Revolution organization
- Attend trainings on Autism, Fundraising, Charity trip, mini competition
- Enhance your skills such as photoshop and sale
- Organise activities for Autistic Children
- Will be leading a team to deliver micro project
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“Coming on this trip allowed me to see a side to Thailand that I never knew - beyond the bright lights of Bangkok, the bustling night markets of Chiang Mai, the serene beaches of Pattaya .. lies the welcoming hearts of the Thai people. I received nothing short of the most overwhelming hospitality here in Phichit, a province that no one outside Thailand knows. In a completely foreign land, my host offered me help whenever I need it, and my students make me look forward to school every day."

— Levonne Goh, Year 1 Political Science Major  





Browsing through our internships online is free of charge. However, once a match is

made between a volunteer and the opportunity, all programs require a $650SGD programme fee. This fee does not cover flights, visa fees, or insurance. 

(NUS students are covered by the NUS student travel insurance)

Please check your specific project as accommodation or meals may or may not be included.


Volunteers are required to be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. (NUS or non-NUS students) There are no background requirements in terms of education or work experience. Applicants should be able to speak good English. AIESEC does not discriminate base on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.


Authentic Lifestyle

Self-Driven Experience

Global Network

You'll be working with local organisations to tackle local issues while being guided by local AIESECers. You'll be volunteering abroad while truly being able to live, eat, work, enjoy and explore like a local. Together with support from AIESECers locally and from the host side.

AIESEC representatives both at home and abroad are here just to guide you. We are here to provide you with tools and the support to empower you make your own decisions to shape your own experience.

When you go with AIESEC, you're 
joining a movement of thousands of youth across 120+ countries and territories. You'll also have the chance to meet and work alongside like-minded, values-driven young people from across the world.

Fulfilment Through Engagement

From our humble beginnings post-WWII, AIESEC started in 1948 with the purpose of peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential. Contributions towards AIESEC’s bigger vision to create a better world by working at ground level, one issue, one project at a time.


AIESEC is non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or creed. All of our profits are reinvested into our organisation so we can deliver more and better experiences. 


1: Is there any funding or subsidy for Global Volunteer?

ANSWER: Currently, there is no subsidy offered for the Global Volunteer programme. However, you may choose to use your PSEA funds to cover the costs of your trip. Refer to Section 2(c) of the NUS PSEA Scheme.


2: What is the coverage of the NUS Travel Insurance?

ANSWER: Please refer to this document on the summary of the policy cover prepared by Marsh. 

NUS Travel Insurance is free for all students. Including coverage for some personal travelling time before and after the project. However, coverage ends when you go back to home country (e.g. China).


3: How do I get the proof of travel/health insurance for my VISA application?

ANSWER: Fill in the declaration form found in the 2nd point here. Send it to the relevant Marsh Officers indicated at the bottom of the form. Include relevant documents i.e. Endorsement by IRO, Invitation letter etc.

Refer to points 11-13 in http://www.nus.edu.sg/finance/doc/students/FAQs.pdf


4: What is the claims procedure for the NUS Travel Insurance?

ANSWER: Please refer to this document for the claims procedure.


5: The embassy requires proof that Global Volunteer is endorsed by NUS for visa application. How do I go about getting this proof?

ANSWER: Please refer to Point 12 of the i-Intern Application Guide.


6: What is the document to show that EPs have sufficient funds needed for visa application?

ANSWER: Bank Statement, you can either use your online bank statement or request from the bank (requires around $20). Or state that their parents will sponsor their trip, and use their parent’s bank statement.


7: My GV trip clashes with my National Reservist. How can I get the NS Deferment supporting letter?

ANSWER: i-Intern Application Please refer to Point 11 of the Guide .


8: Can Chinese Nationalities EPs go for Taiwan Projects?

ANSWER: No, Taiwan visa for Chinese citizens only last for 14 days.


9: What is LDA?

ANSWER: LDA is the leadership development assessment survey that has to be done before approving the acceptance of project for the EP.

Apply -> Accept (by EP) -> do LDA -> Approve (by us)




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