The Road Less Travelled | A Unique Experience in Mauritius

September 16, 2018



Yu Jiamin is a year 3 BBA(finance) student who went on an Overseas Global Volunteer (OGV) trip to Mauritius from the 20th May to 28th June 2017.  I had the opportunity to interview her to find out more insights about what she had experienced and learnt during her trip and share it with you guys. Jiamin was posted to Gibson and Hills. She was responsible for promoting the company's interests through marketing. Her company was in charge of a project that promoted HR solutions with the aim of promoting sustained and inclusive economic growth in order to reduce the employment rate, which stood at 7.9%. Jiamin was thus thrown directly into the middle of the fray, and she was able to hone her marketing skills as a business student and make a positive impact at the same time. Her team consisted of other volunteers from Kenya and India, which provided her with the opportunity to interact and work in a unique team. Till this day, they still keep in contact via Whatsapp, sharing more about their lives and even meeting up if they happen to travel to each other's countries. The friendships that they forged were so strong that all of them shed tears when the project had come to an end and they must now return back to their home countries.


Other than her volunteer work, Jiamin was also able to interact and soak in the local culture of Mauritius. She went mountain hiking, diving and cruising with the locals and other GV members of the trip. She had the opportunity to try many cuisines from all over the world as communal living meant that other volunteers often cooked for everyone. The Europeans taught her how to use avocado to make sandwiches. 



Through this experience, she has also learnt many lessons that changed her perspectives, especially towards other people. She learnt how to work in a culturally diverse team with members that have different viewpoints and working styles. She learnt to appreciate their strengths better and how to complement their weaknesses. This gave her more confidence in interacting in group settings. Her interactions with people from all over the world also provided her with many valuable and unique insights into life that inspired her to braver and embrace the unknowns in her life because she now saw minor failures as unimportant towards achieving her goals.


During these 42 days, Jiamin not only thoroughly enjoyed herself and practiced the marketing skills that she learnt in school, but she also made a positive impact in the world and made lasting friendships with people all over the world. It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I think everyone should go to.


Enjoy the video of Jiamin's trip below!




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