3 Reasons Why You Should Join AIESEC in NUS


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It’s the start of a new semester! if you’re looking for a fun and meaningful CCA to join, are open to new experiences and willing to commit your precious time in exchange for personal development and growth, AIESEC may just be what you’ve been looking for *cue HSM song*.


“Sounds promising, but what is AIESEC?”, you may ask. Well, AIESEC is an international youth-run organisation that aims to develop global-minded young leaders for a better future. AIESEC consists of 7 departments, each with a specific function (click here to find out more).


Just in case you’re still unconvinced, we have come up with 3 compelling reasons why you should join AIESEC in NUS. Read on to find out!


#Reason 1: Develop your Leadership

At the core of everything we do e.g. membership experiences, cross-cultural exchanges, conferences etc., our main purpose is to develop the Leadership of Youths because we believe that having Leaders with a heart is the fundamental solution to world peace.


As a Member, you will be develop yourself through facilitating our cross-cultural experiences. For example, If you are interested in upgrading your photoshop and editing skills, the Brand and Marketing department is just the place for you. Looking for an avenue to put your accounting skills to good use? Why not join the Finance and External Relations department!


You will also be exposed to various learning opportunities such as Leadership Conferences, Training workshops, Alumni sharing sessions etc.


AIESEC is also positioned in NTU, SMU and SIM, hence giving you the chance to interact and learn from other like minded Youths in Singapore!


#Reason 2: Global experience

AIESEC offers plenty of opportunities to go overseas to exotic countries whose names you can’t even pronounce for internships and volunteering experiences.


Can’t commit to an overseas internship/volunteer trip for some reason? Fret not, AIESEC brings exchange participants from all over the world to Singapore, giving you the chance to interact with them and bring them around Singapore. Experience being a tourist in your own country while being a tour guide for a day. You'll even get to learn about how AIESEC functions in universities abroad, giving new meaning to the work you do on a daily basis.


Members also have the privilege to attend International AIESEC conferences that occur throughout the year. These conferences aim to develop leadership skills and social awareness.


#Reason 3: An Inclusive Community


Last but not least, our family culture and community of like-minded people is ultimately what draws and retains our members for many semesters. AIESEC embraces a warm, nurturing environment that promotes personal development and growth while connecting with others along the way. Just talk to any of our friendly members to find out more!


We hope that the 3 reasons presented have given you a stronger reason to join AIESEC or at least want to find out more about this youth-run organisation. 





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