Harrison's Vietnamese Voyage


AIESEC is an international youth organisation that focuses on leadership development in youths through cross-cultural global exchanges. One of such exchanges is the Global Entrepreneurship programme where youths embark on a 6-13 weeks internship opportunity at a Start-up in over 120 countries.



Harrison is a Year 2 Business Admistration Student who went for AIESEC's Global Entrepreneur programme from July to October 2018 at GREMSY CO.,LTD in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam as a digital marketing intern. He went on the programme because he wanted to work in the South East Asian Region in the future. He also wanted to experience working in a fast-developing society as opposed to just being a tourist, and thus took the leap forward. 


We caught up with him after the trip and interviewed him to find out more about the various learning and takeaways that he has obtained during his Vietnamese Voyage. 

Q- How was the learning journey while working with people from diverse cultures and nationalities? Please share your experiences, achievements and projects you have worked on. 

What I learned is that the Vietnamese working culture is more laid back, but entrepreneurship is alive and well. There, every corner might look like a regular building, but there could be businesses hiding there somewhere. For instance, my working environment is literally a landed property in the outskirts of the city, not an office building in the CBD. For the first few weeks, my typical day would be to read up about drone articles, do keyword research, do a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, and change whatever that is wrong with the current website. After that, the weekly routine is roughly the same where I would either be creating newsletters for our subscriber list, editing English texts for my manager before they send it to clients, and contacting forums and trade shows for advertisement enquiries.


Q-  Any major challenges/obstacles that you had to overcome or achieved?

The biggest challenge is writing marketing content for my company. As the company is a tech and drone accessories company, it was totally foreign to me as I am not a tech person. It was very stressful for me as I did not want to use technical terms wrongly otherwise it will make the company look like an amateur. To overcome it, I had to read up a lot of articles posted by professionals in the industry, understand the general tone used in the industry and write with some technical terms but not too much to cover the topic without going too in depth with technical knowledge. Then, I will consult other colleagues to see if what I am writing makes sense before sending it through.



Q- How do you think your time at Business School helped you in this journey? 

I guess the basic marketing knowledge I learnt here helped quite a bit during my programme there. Specifically, the company did digital marketing almost
exclusively as it was the only way to reach its global audience and target markets which are overseas, so I built on my existing knowledge and became more skilled on this aspect of marketing.


Q- Any memorable experiences? (share 1-2) eg: This could be you/ your team during project assignments, research efforts or programme experiences.

Generally, what was most memorable was being welcomed in the company through activities like dinner parties, karaoke sessions, and even cooking at my manager's place. The people are very hospitable and made me feel like family which was really memorable.


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